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volunteers as the leader of the voters of california and a small business owner san francisco. and olds a degree in government and a diploma in public policy from the university of edenburo >> thank you very much >> good evening, everyone, this election we have candidates for state senate district eleven, miss additionally, viewers from the it, brooke man community center will submit questions on-line. the time keepers in the first row, will hold up a yellow card to signify to the candidates that they have 15 seconds remaining and will hold up a red card when it is time to stop. both candidates have agreed to ask their supporters in the audience to be respectful of the other candidate and others in the audience and to maintain quiet during the forum. i also ask you respect this commitment. you have many important decisions to make on november 6th. today's forum gives you the opportunity to ask questions to help you make decisions. now let's begin. >> we will start with question number one, miss difficult on. >> retire aoes in the public and private sectors are faced with nrets to benefi
of california, san francisco and the san francisco public library, and our media partner, san francisco government television. thanks to each of you, for taking the time to inform yourself about your choices on november 6th. good evening. [ applause ] >> >> hello, i am with the recreation and parks department. we are featuring the romantic park location in your backyard. this is your chance to find your heart in santa and cisco with someone special. -- san francisco with someone special. our first look out is here at buena vista park, a favorite with couples and dog walkers. both have a significant force. a refreshing retreat from urban life. the romantic past that meander up and down the park under pines and eucalyptus. hang out in this environment and you might see butterflies it, fennel, and then the lines. -- dandelions. is ada accessible. public transit is plentiful. we have conquered the steps, we have watched the dogs, and we have enjoyed a beautiful view. this is a place to take someone special on a romantic stroll and enjoyed a beautiful look out. welcome to corona heights loca
for wells fargo bank. i cover the northern california region. i usually focus on about $350 -- $350,000 of sbe loans. last year, for 2010, i did 43 loans. so we are lending. i usually focus on six different types of loans. start-ups, business acquisitions, real estate purchases with ti's, working capital, a partner buyouts, business expansion. when i am looking at a potential loan, i use the standard five c's of credit. the first one is character. what we are looking for is a minimum score around 640. we would like to say no recent bankruptcy foreclosures, bankruptcies, tax liens. if we see a loan that has been modified, we would like to see a reason it was modified, what ever reason it may be. it cannot be, i did not want to pay that payment any more. the second c, conditions. basically, how precise will the money be used? we are looking at a business plan. when you look at a business plan, that is just a start up. we are looking to see where there will be the need for lending. if you are an existing business, we want to see the money that we give you goes to the growth of your bus
are calling on other states for a little bit of help. >> various agencies in california are now sending people out east. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is at sfo for an update on the response as well as continuing flight cancellations. >> reporter: several california agencies are responding, others on standby with you one problem that rescuers and travelers have having today, more cancellations to those cities that need help the most. >> i been sleeping on that little sofa over there. >> reporter: tommy is among thousands of stranded travelers waiting out sandy in an airport. he is trying to get back to new york where he is a grad student and doesn't want to miss class. he spent the night at sfo unable to change his flight over the phone. >> when i call them, the automated machines say the line is too much and i couldn't contact them and they hang up on me every time when i try to call them. >> reporter: more than 15,000 flights have been grounded and in the past two days almost 300 to and from sfo. california rescue crews, however are getting as close as they can to the storm and what's lef
no lo saben. la respuesta al volver de la pausa. ♪. ♪. ---hay personas en california que tienen verdaderas fortunas, y no lo saben... y quizas ♪. ♪. >>> personas que tienen dinero y o fortunas. >>> entÉrese de que se trata. >>> asÍ es, parece ficcion, pero no es asÍ. >>> como en pelÍcula de suspenso, los dueÑos de estos objetos no aparecieron. >>> puede ser cualquier artÍculo que deja una persona en una caja de deposito en un banco. >>> pero tambiÉn hay objetos con enorme valor sentimental. >>> su trabajo es tratar de encontrar las personas. >>> y mientras, estas cosas permanecen en una suerte de limbo gigante. >>> en un aviso vi que habÍa gente que tenÍa dinero y cosas olvidadas. >>> como ella, que tambiÉn se enterÓ que tenÍa 900 dÓlares. >>> yo en ese tiempo no tenÍa trabajo, y con ese dinero pude comprar regalos para mi familia porque era el tiempo de navidad. >>> y hay numerosos objetos, y ¿como recuperarlas? >>> si su nombre estÁ en pantalla, debe mandar un sobre con su nombre. >>> la lista incluye mas de un millÓn de personas. usted con un click en int
in california is the sound of a hoover vacuum sucking money out of california. at a certain point it reaches diminished returns, because people can all play -- can only see so many as so many times, but will we get to a place where the american public will be outraged by the amount of money we are spending, and might we see a day where we say, we are changing the rules. we can only campaign for a three-month time. these are too much. >> i hate to be cynical, but i am skeptical. they were writing the laws. good politicians act on a self interest and what the public demands. one fast point, you mentioned california, and that is where campaign finance matters. most people have a strong view about president obama or mitt romney. where this really has an impact is local but also on state emissions. california has all kinds of stuff on the balanced, because if you have got more money than your opponent, you could win. tavis: joe biden has apparently written a tell-all, and i am told it is not a flattering picture he paints of the vice president. i do not know if that would have any impact. the que
as the president of the league of woman voters of california, and is a small business owner here in san francisco. she holds a degree in government, from claire mont college and a policy. >> good evening, everyone, candidates. >> good evening. >> this year we have two candidates for state assembly state 19, michael brior and phil tim. >> they will answer questions that you in the audience submit as well as the questions submitted to the league of women voters. in addition, the viewers from the senior center may submit questions on-line. the time keepers will hold up a yellow card to signify to the candidates that they have 15 seconds remaining and hold up a red card when it is time to stop. >> both have asked the supporters to be respectful of the candidate and the audience and to maintain the quiet during the forum, i also ask you to respect this commitment, please. >> you all have many important decision to make on november 6th, and today's forum will give you the opportunity to ask questions to help you make your decisions. now, let's begin. >> our first question is a very general... actually
the ideas into a concise and cohesive composition. this is the california landscape, the rolling hills in a giant ellipse. and it's as if the land was cut apart or sectioned so that you could see into it. the memory of the land is embedded in it. and inside of this ellipse, you see the man who, at the very beginning of los angeles, sold ice creams even before there was a city. the river that moves central to this land base, that is first water, and then concrete, and then water again, is sort of a wish for the future. the quiva at the center, which is the home place, the oven, the womb, as it were. the little, tiny houses that represent first sonora town, east los angeles, all the way through to chavez ravine. and in the land, the sleeping giant, who represents the mexicano/latino population of this region, awakes. first sleeping as a female, then male, then a female who o has the borr hammered into her back, awakes. and her hand pours out the blood that becomes this kind of march of humanity led by a spirit warrior, who is an azteca. i guess i've always been a visual artist. i was kno
authorizing recreation and parks to accept and expand habitation grant in amount of 163,587 from california department of parks and recreation for glen canyon loopside project. >> thank you, we have lisa wayne. >> tony moran, the grant manager. i will present the grant. i'm here to present to accept and expend habitat conservation fund grant for glen canyon creek side loop trail. also to authorize director of real estate to file a memorandum of unrecorded grant agreement on the trail portion of the park. the glen canyon creekside trail is part of the 2008 clean and safe neighborhood park bond trail program. the intention of the 2008 park bond is to leverage bond funds to secure additional grant funding. this grant is one of three that will provide additional funding to trail projects identified in the 2008 bond. in 2010 and 2011 the recreation park department and trust republic land held a series of meetings regarding improvements to glen canyon park. this project is the as a result of that public process. the content plan for the glen canyon trail system, which includes creek side trail lo
in california that secretary lahood hood worked so hard on. the two senators were instrumental in making better and we in the house urged passage for the high speed rail in the central valley, whether it's mass transit, rail, high speed rail and terminal and presidio and others -- what is it? transit first? transit first. it's about jobs. it's about comcommerce. it's about quality of air. it's about quality of life and building consensus in america and by doing so and by listening and leadership from the white house we are able to be a model to the nation with projects of national significance so that other communities can follow our lead, and i join the mayor in seluting the leadership of president barack obama. without his leadership, his priorities, without the work that was done in appropriations committee and diane is a senior -- when i say senior i mean high ranking. i was a senior too so i take it as a complement but that's where a lot of this work is done so without president barack obama and his commitment to build america we wouldn't have this success today and it's a global
to tell you a little bit of what is involved. the difference is in the california building code. i can also give you tips on how to choose and specter appeared first of all, the program has an inspector's knowledge of the california building code, and the reason why that is so important is because you have to comply with both. the california billing code is enforced when you get a building permit, and forced by the local building requirements. it says all new buildings have to be totally accessible. it also says that new buildings when you do an alteration course have to be accessible when you do a project. there's a big difference between a big project and a little project. a big project is going to be not as accessible as a new building, but a smaller project actually has a smaller level of access required in the california building code. you might think that because you got a building permit that that means that everything is good and you are complying with the ada, but it is actually the difference in the building code because its is even if you have an existing building and have n
me begin by saying there was some vibration this moing. yes, part of it, we were doing the california she-up drill with 9.3 millionin the state of california, but i think there was vibrions. mayormathews and mayor reed were jumping up and down because i told them we were putting together something that would not only be a great way to work together but something they have also been personally wishing could happen and be led by the city. so today we are of course unveiling our promotional launch but getting here has been something on my mind. it's been one of those very solid topic that jen and i spent good time together. my office, where i call it inappropriately the man cave, but it is a place where i think we have had a chance to talk about the honest going relationship that the niners, the oldest professional sports franchise in the state of california, that's still here in the state of california. it is wonderful to have this opportunity. we have other ideas we can't talk about yet because they are not matured but this came to us fast. it was an opportunity we have rarely. but to
to hurricane sandy. the california national guard left yesterday's heading for n.c.. a scotchman of big c-17 cargo planes carrying helicopters are being sent also. those helicopters will be able to rescue stranded people from rooftops. they will be sent there to help with that effort. tents, medical supplies, and other deer followed. an elite group trained to deal with emergency like this was sent. >> i am highly trained personnel and the air force. they have to be qualified in t cnc foggy conditions as to start the morning. we do have a dense fog advisory issued by the national weather service. certainly keep that in mind as to get hot on the freeway. we will see sunshine into the afternoon. your temperature's very similar to what we saw yesterday's. tomorrow we have major changes talk about. a critical the cloudy afternoon. rain begins later that evening. overnight will see heavy showers waking up thursday morning looking ahead dry weather by the weekend, plenty of sunshine to go around. if temperatures will start to climb back by monday it could actually be in the low '80s. again we have
of the california international guard is trained for these types of deployments. many of men and women going on this mission have actually taken part in other hurricane air rescue operations so they know what to expect. hours can be long, work can be dangerous, and rewards, amazing. on ha aimilar assignment during hurricane floyd in 1999. >> we had taken people off the top of their houses and we did 12 plus hour days where we'd be at night. picking up people's flashing flashlights. >> the 129th wing is being spent to -- sent to charlotte, north carolina. right now, the international guard personnel don't know how long they'll be deployed. it will depend on where it hits, where they're needed. 129th wasredit with helping to rescue more than 300 people in the aftermath of hurricane katrina. >> thank you very much. travelers are really struggling trying to figure out how to get home now that hurricane sandy caused many flights to be cancelled. david louie joins us with that part of the story. >> there is no question vacationers had difficulty getting back to the east coast but some people misse
now. tail end of a system moving to the north, spreading heavy rain in oregon, northern california but it stays off shore through wednesday. tuesday morning, the rain remaining through northern california and oregon. clouds approach by wednesday at midnight and for the giants parade we will see cloudy conditions. maybe drizzle near the coast line because of the fog. but this rain is still staying off shore for the morning and evening, looks like halloween will be fine. giants forecast for the parade, fine but upper 50s. cloudy and cool conditions because of the fog and a chance of drizzle earlier in the morning. noon the drizzle is likely to subside. for your extended forecast, you saw the rain approaching into wednesday night. thursday morning it rolls through, heavy rains, gusty winds and cooling conditions. >>> still ahead, more on the welcome home for the world series champion giants. plus alex smith and the 49ers nearly flawless in monday night football, gary has the highlights and all the sports next. %blñwó with over 200 varieties, keurig makes brewing a delicious cup of c
. >> it's great for the organization, more so great for our northern california region and san francisco. our fan base is maybe the best in sports. >> reporter: fans say seeing the team is well worth the wait. >> it's so awesome. i'm feeling a dynasty. >> we live and breathe the giants. we are so thrilled for them. >> good to be here last time in 2010. stoked to be here and welcome these guys home this time. >> reporter: among the fans, this 3-year-old who re-enacted some of the giants' pitchers' best moves and 2-year-old miguel diaz who is celebrating the clean sweep. they have tomorrow to rest before the big parade set for halloween. >> i think orange and black on halloween is very natural. but i think that's a way to actually do two birds with one stone. there were going to be people taking off that day anyway to celebrate the halloween day. >> reporter: this is video from the 2010 world series parade when tens of thousands of fans descended on market street as cable cars carried the players and their families. wednesday's parade will follow a similar path at the foot of market and we
california air national guard members are headed to the east coast to assist with rescue efforts, the 129th rescue wing are bringing food, supplies, and live saving equipment to the storm zone. they loaded up at the airport this morning, bound for charlotte, north carolina. from there, they will go wherever they are needed. >>> a truly orange october. thousands of pacific center celebrating a second world series title in three years as the giants swept the detroit tigers. the nonstop celebration going strong this evening. sfo fire department welcomed home the giant with a water cannon absolute. the champions landed an hour ago. let's go live to mobile 5, fans waiting to celebrate the return of the giants. ken. >> reporter: what a roar that came up, allan, when they came around the corner. a half-dozen buses with california highway patrol and san francisco police department. motorcycle escort, lights going, and what a scene it was. you can see the crowd that is still here, several hundred people on the corner of 2nd and king. when the buses made the corner, man, did they let out a roar. at o
of the california air national guard's 129th rescue wing are on their way to that zone as well and providing medical aid. >>> well no delays for the giants coming home from the world series. the sfo fire department welcomed home the giants with a water cannon salute. they got off that plane with that big trophy. elizabeth cook on how thousands of fans made sure that their return to at&t park was memorable. >> as you can see behind me, they are still glowing. the fans never really stopped celebrating. in fact last night the entire civic plaza center was filled with tens of thousands of people watching the big game on the big screen. and those folks took the party to sfo and at&t park to welcome their team back home. >> reporter: now that the boys are back, the party could really start. >> i can't say that i have had more time than that today. >> reporter: they went straight home to at&t park. >> this is a special group. we're not saying good-bye. we will be here for a couple of days. >> reporter: players took turn carrying the trophy, so the fans could get a good look at the big prize. >> we've got a
but there are functions that need to be decentralized and we know there are successes here in california and the state is expected to save $3 billion. denver went through a great consolidation and saving millions of dollars. what are those entities doing that we're not? what cultural changes or cultural values have they implemented from a leadership standpoint that we're lacking? >> to be frank i think the organizational stomach really for how much it up sets the organization to go through the changes? the company i worked before did out sowzing of it and we went into states and took over the it operations and we could save a government millions of dollars by doing that, but for a government to centralize or out source it it's disruptive, up setting project to have happen, and i think the majority of us in the city feel enough progress is being made to not take that drastic step and whereas you talk about denver or california and i was familiar with michigan when they consolidated their data centers there and i came to know the head there, and there was a willingness and whether driven by the budge
coming to the bay area. i'll be back with live doppler 7-hd. >> carolyn: members of the california national guard are headed east. 88 troops took off in transport planes at moffett field. they will report to north carolina and be knriopd in there. red cross has cancelled hundred blood drives on the east coast and to help make up for the blood loss there are several blood drives taking place here this week. we'll let you know where to go on our website. >> dan: the storm is massive. as a result. thousands of flights were cancelled because of it including more than 150 at sfo. lilian kim caught up with passengers who might not make it out until the etd of the week at the earliest. >> reporter: that's right. people from the east coast have been forced to take an extended vacation. >> hotels have been busy the past couple days. a couple from boston flew in from hawaii but connecting flight was cancelled. >> we had the tsunami warnings stow i evacuation from honolulu. earliest flight is thursday but they are making the most of their stay. they plan to visit fisherman's wharf and golden
nacional de california ... take vo ....envio equipos de rescate acutico hacia carolina del norte para apoyar las labores de ayuda y rescate en la zona que esta siendo golpeada por el huracan "sandy" en la costa este. ---esta maÑana, partieron 2 aeronaves y 2 helicopteros, asi como personal de apoyo desde la base "moffet field" en mountain view. ---la mision de este contingente es ayudar en cualquier operativo de busqueda y rescate. stop open roll open blanca ---contra todo pronostico... "los gigantes" de san francisco, logran ganar su segunda serie mundial en apenas 3 aÑos. cesar ---asi es anoche, fue un dia muy especial para el equipo de la bahia, nat sound --- wait for cue ---jugando en el parque comerica de detroit, el venezolano marco scutaro se convirtio en el heroe al impulsar la cuarta carrera de los gigantes en el juego que ya se habia alargado hasta la decima entrada... ---los gigantes lograron el campeonato al ganar cuatro juegos consecutivos, una barrida, contra los tigres de detroit... topvo blanca ---esta tarde, los jugadores y la directiva del plantel aterrizaron en el
made. >> absolutely. >> and also with the state of california's report suggesting that 8 million wouldn't be enough to get a plan done. so if you could just address those two points that have come up. >> sure, let me start -- again, go to the report it says again 7 million is what's needed for san francisco to engage in the planning process. the larger amount is if we bring in the park service and the state of california, which at this point we don't need to do, we just need the san francisco public utilities commission to get off their butts and start to think about the future more effectively. this really boils down it a 21st century versus the 20th century view of water. sean says our future is secure. it isn't. anyone who thinks our future water supply is going to be coming from the tuolome river is crazy. the one thing we know about climate change is we have to change our water sources. again, we don't recycle any water. we're going to start importing water from daly city next week. we have some plans on the books to do 4 million gals by 2035. that's a fraction. the san fr
a role to play. as a final example going through both of the districts and one california where there is a delay downtown or somewhere in route if all of the vehicles are allowed to proceed out to geary and 33rd at outer terminal there would be more delay and impact in bound for the passengers waiting at california, at fillmore, at other locations and why the system is designed with locations to switch back at fillmore, at presidio, at sixth avenue and that happens when necessary, no more than system, so i'm sorry in this case i think the grand jury didn't get get it. >> thank you very much. any other members of the public wish to comment? seeing none public comment is closed. >> [inaudible] >> i'm sorry. >> exactly what we was referring to we brought that up with the other systems about -- well, there are fewer passengeros the out bound than the in bound and every single one of them said they solved that ahead of time by scheduling so they make short runs in the center area where the city has lots of travelers and then they make other longer runs and they make fewer longer ru
better than i do. but we started out several months ago meeting with the disability rights california organization who educated our staff on both respect and etiquette for working with people with disabilities. our outreach staff then provides this information in all of our presentations. we have done almost 300 public presentations this election season and all of that information, accessibility information, is in our presentation. our trainers who are also trained by the disability rights california organization, they trained 3,000 poll workers on voter rights and respect. so it's kind of dropping a pebble into a like. we get a little information and then it spreads out to a lot of people. our poll worker hiring is inclusive. when the letter goes out recruiting poll workers, people with disabilities are included in the availability letter and we provide wheelchair seating and large print materials and printed copies of spoken information and space for a guide or service animal and other requests for poll worker with disabilities. then all poll workers are, their mission includes a
, celebrating san francisco. opera iit is often said that as goes san francisco, goes california. as those california, so goes the rest of the country. i want to thank the awardees tonight and all of our civil servants when you are helping us how to figure out how to better manage our parks, r-texas, to figure out how we deliver our water. we are setting in example truly to the rest of the world. i want to thank spur. i know that the best ideas in city government do not come from the politicians. they come from all of you. i want to thank spur for helping to convene not just the smartest people in san francisco, but the smartest people from around the world to help us figure out how to innovate. it is my honor to introduce the first award thee of this evenin. this is a very unique award. this is the lifetime achievement award. mfac has to select one individual out of 26,000 who best exemplifies what service is to our city. when i was first elected to office, i asked a lot of people, literally hundreds of people, who is the smartest person in government. with all due respect to the other sm
to you. >>> a tall ship crew member with ties to california. the coast guard says 42-year-old claudene christian died at the hospital after being in the waters off the coast of north carolina monday evening. christian graduated from usc. 14 other crew members were rescued from the "hms bounty." the coast guard is still looking for the ship's captain. >>> we have scary video here. a crane topples over. it is still dangling from the luxury high-rise in new york city. emergency crews say the crane is too dangerous at this point to remove. surrounding streets and buildings have been evacuated as a precaution out there. in anticipation of the winds around the city, the city put all construction work to a stop ahead of the storm. they asked all contractors and property owners to secure local sites. we have more incredible pictures to show you. a surveillance camera capturing water. this is the park. this is water gushing through the streets and three paths from the train station from hoboken, new jersey and other train administrati stations in new jersey and new york are closed. >>> some of
are low on hydro -- california is low on hydro, and, so, market prices are going to be up overall as a result. >> thank you. >> what is the impact of the deductions on solar utilization? have we measured that? tax deductions that are -- >> have we measured that? we certainly realize that it lowers the cost. >> right. >> and that's why we pursued a third-party for our development of the sunset solar project. >> okay. >> and didn't fund it ourselves. i can't recall off the top of my head, maybe you do, todd, what the -- mr. reedstrom, what the financial impact of that was for us. >> it was pretty significant. by way of comparison, the tax credit, tax credit financing that we successfully undertook for current sunset solar brought the average cost per kilowatt hour down to 23-1/2 cents. that compares to average costs of our hydro system. all the costs included of about 9 cents. so, without the tax credit federal financing as well as the state programs, it would have been over 30 cents kilowatt hour. >> you need to take credit for that. >> we have a line item -- >> that's why i try to
california un sestudio sugiere que serÍan involucrarse en comportamiento sexuales de alto riesgo, tienen mayores posibilidades de buenscar o ser solicitados por encuentros sexuales por internet, recomiendan a los padres estar mucho mÁs involucrados con sus hijos. >> en otro tema el museo de ciencia de california inauguraron el museo permanente de endeavor , permanecerÁ hasta el 2017 y despuÉs pasarÁ a un espacio permanente que estÁ en construcciÓn como anexo del mismo museo, hace poco causÓ sensaciÓn cuando fue transportado. hasta llegar al museo de ciencias. >> para todo el pÚblico y mÁs en los Ángeles el transbordador rement aprendizaje que los seres humanos puedan lograr. >> durante 20 aÑos realizÓ 296 dÍas en el espacio como parte clausurado programa de transbordoes de la naciÓn. >> al regresar le voy a decir en con todo. bueno, lo que sucede. >> ahora con la tempestad que ocurre al mismo momento en las mismas horas. en la marea alta, tenemos un doble empate, causÓ anoche inundaciones hasta el sur de la florida, estos dos eventos si estÁn relacionados. pero segÚn lo
. >>> for the second year in a row, the california department of corrections and rehabilitation said it's seen a drop in rates. the latest number showed that during fiscal year 2007/2008, released inmates had a 63% resit vichl rate after three years. that's down from 65% the year before and from 67% in 2005/2006. present officials say the lower rates are in part due to recent rehabilitation efforts. >>> authorities are investigating a weekend crash that killed a young reyes car driver at the calistoga speedway. the sheriff's office says 20-year-old tyler wolf was wearing his helmet and seat belt when he crashed into a wall on saturday. this weekend's event was a 2-lap reyes celebrating the 75th anniversary of the speedway, which is a half mile dirt track. >>> the u.s. supreme court is set to decide late next month whether to hear the case on california's ban on same-sex marriage. asked the justices to overturn the decision in which an appellate judge in san francisco found the ban to be unconstitutional. the high court today posted a notice on its web site revealing that the case is on the agenda for
the california national guard. leaving-moffett field were these cargo planes. including the helicopters whose job it will be to rescue people from rooftops. >> we can hoist individuals that were in a flooded area or other form of distress. and move them to safety. given the california air national guard the 129 is based at moffett field and also paring some of these combat shuttle aircraft. these are capable of refueling the helicopters in mid air, if necessary it is indefinite, with the crew of 100 it is an elite group. to deal with just such an emergency with hurricane sandy. >> these are the most highly trained air force. they have to be trained and medically qualified. we have a rescue missions off the coast of the pacific. where we have rescued people fisherman, sailors, from boats. water vessels, things of that nature. >> several supplies followed that chopper and in all secure for take off in just a few hours. the by this time tomorrow it is going to be more rescue efforts around the country. to deal with the aftermath of hurricane at moffett field, kron 4 with hurricane sandy. rob fladebo
college to be one of the 3 worst-performing schools in the 112 community colleges in california and as evidenced by the $276,000 salary of the head of city college, we blaefrb there's plenty of money they can find without going to the taxpayers. >> i understand there were 700 classes, a reduction in 700 classes, which from the reporting indicates that people have to be on longer wait lists. can you speak to that and how this would facilitate, if this proposition was passed, how that would be facilitated? >> well, it's true. we faced tremendous budget cuts in the last several years. in fact, for the last several years running all of the employees of city college, even our chancellor, have taken pay cuts in order to keep the college open. but we've also seen closure of classes, we lost 700 classes this year, we canceled summer school a couple years ago, and these are measures we have had to take that have caused students to suffer and have caused all of city college to suffer. so that's why we're looking for an opportunity to bring in some funding from the city that we think s
in california, we have been paying less for gasoline this week. 26 cents a gallon less. the state area price, $4.14 and san francisco $4.48. stockton modesto, prices have fallen below $4 per gallon. and now the storm has caused them to stop production. >>> and the damage was caused by huricane sandy and a half a million people have lost electricity and the government is shut down and danger widespread. scott mcfarland has more on where the rain is still falling, scott? >>> it is more like an arctic wind and it got colder, temperatures are in the lower 40s but there is a windchill and we are seeing some with roads being mostly empty. it is just a wall of cars and the real story of what happened to power lines and power supplies. major trees are uprooted, they make the roads more impassable at times and the government is closed again today. the system is closed and the political campaigns are stalled too. >> we are certain this is going to be a slow moving process through a wide swath of the country and millions of people will be affected. >> there are millions who will be affected with something
schools of funding across the state of california and in san francisco for decades. commercial property owners have been on a tax holiday through the reagan and bush era and have received benefits it is time for us to properly tax commercial property owners here in san francisco so that we can make-up for the lack of funding that we receive from the state. i plan to do that by instituting a commercial rent tax in san francisco. san francisco needs to be a culturally sustainable city and environmentally sustainable, restoring uni, uni has had a structural budget deficit. we need supervisors who are going to have the political will to find the resources to fully fund our mta system. i am looking at a number of options from congestion pricing to a downtown transit tax assessment district to even a local gas tax or a local vehicle license fee so that we can fully fund our uni system and stop fixing the buses with duct tape and have a first-class transit system in san francisco. another way that we can be a leader is to encourage people to get out of the cars and on to bike by developing a 1
work on [speaker not understood]. he was recognized for his california vanity plate which read [speaker not understood] by providing a noel [speaker not understood]. he spoke about his love of baseball as we prepare for the parade tomorrow. i know he would be proud today as well as any of us. and [speaker not understood] he also could be heard regularly bringing clarity and even to such mundane assignments as queueing the traffic reports, or telling all the listeners of what the lunch menu was in the san francisco unified school district as well. but off air he was a tireless devotee of the performing arts. he was a regular opening nights for the symphony ballet and opera and the american conservatory theater as well as smaller institutions. mr. farrly is survived by two indonesianes and a nephew [speaker not understood] in the marianas islands. plans for his memorial service -- scheduled for november 19th from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the war memorial building screen room. please call kalw at 84 1-41 21 for more information. condolances to the kalw family and general manager matt martin. m
california, a number of which are stated right here in san francisco and the city and county. and we want to just go on record as endorsing these changes. we urge the commission to approve and endorse these changes and recommend to the city and county board of supervisors that they adopt. >> all right, thank you very much. any other comments on this item? yes. >>> veronica [speaker not understood],. i just want to clarify one thing regarding the revision that it has been endorsed by the human rights commission advisory committee as well as the human rights commission, full commission. >> all right. duly noted. any other comments on this item? is there a motion? -- to reflect these changes? >> i'll move it. >> all right, commissioner moran. is there a second? >> second. >> all right. let's note that the management and labor came together on this motion. all those in favor signify by saying aye. i'm sorry, you want to speak to the motion? >> i do. thank you, president torres. i'm sensitive to the comments that we heard certainly from my brothers and sisters in the carpenters union. in just
the country are being dispatched. to the east coast as it makes landfall. rob fladeboe is where the california national guard is 20 in the efforts. >> licking leaving-moffett field was this-leaving the moffett field were these cargo planes. including the helicopters whose job it will be to rescue people from rooftops. >> we can hoist individuals that were in a flooded area or other form of distress. and move them to safety. given the california air national guard the 129 is based at moffett field and also paring some of these combat shuttle aircraft. these are capable of refueling the helicopters in mid air, if necessary it is indefinite, with the crew of 100 it is an elite group. to deal with just such an emergency with this hurricane sandy. >> these are the most highly trained airforce. they have to be trained and medically qualified. we have a rescue missions off the coast of the pacific. where we have rescued people fisherman, sailors, from boats. water vessels, things of that nature. >> several supplies followed that chopper and in all secure for take off in just a few hours. the by this
a full feature on it by the end of the week. that's my promise to you. let's go to lee in california. lee? >> caller: boo-yeah, mr. cramer. thank you for preventing me from making lots of stupid trades and losing lots of money. >> that's what i can do best. good deal. i'll get you to stop doing those mistaken trades. >> caller: yep. i've been looking at rail transport. i've been looking at nfc norfolk southern. if governor romney gets elected, which might benefit better with his policy. >> if you're going to put it that way. then i'm going to give you norfolk southern that i think is trying to bottom here. if you think the president is re-elected you want to do union pacific which is the stock that has held up better than any. tim in montana, please. tim? >> caller: my oil and gas company you've been negative on in the past. have you recently revisited ioc, interoil. >> look, i know the company, it's kind of a wild card in the business. the oil business has been bad lately. that's why i'm looking for yield. i'm going for conoco. oil and gas stocks have been terrible of late. let's go to j
. the russell building is closed, the capital complex is closed. you can try to call the california congressional offices. you won't get through. scott macfarland, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> 7:17. the u.s. labor department says it's working hard to be able to release the october jobs report on schedule on friday despite this government shutdown. the jobs report is watched closely as an indicator of how the economy is doing. last month, the unemployment rate fell to 7.8%, the lowest level since president obama took office. friday's enemployment report would be the last one released before next tuesday's election. >>> 7:17. gas prices on the east coast may shoot up because of hurricane sandy if oil production is disrupted. >>> hundreds are jobs are being cut by paypal. the job cuts are coming from that stream lining fort. the company officials say paypal has developed a reputation as a bureaucratic workplace and they are adding that makes it harder to attract and retain the best software engineers and designers. >>> jury selection begins for a san jose elementary school pr
from california, a republican there. what are your thoughts on this this morning, on the trust level of government during natural disasters? caller: my mother and i were just talking about it last night and i said i do trust the federal government. we have the highest amount of intelligent resources, first responders. we have state of the art technology in the 911 emergency equipment. we've got all of that at our disposal. but i do believe, i said mom, we have to let the states get a mandate of what they need with eyes on the ground and let them handle the first responders and when it first happens within the first few days or weeks and if this turns into a long-term disaster like the fires we had in california and earthquakes, then the federal government has established itself and can start putting its boots on the ground so to speak. but for the american people to blame the government lake blame bush -- like blame bush, the state should take care of it in the beginning. host: that is how it works right now according to a pest in the "washington post." he says that local and state o
rushing up onshore. we do know at this point that pg&e from california is sending about 150 crewmembers in the next couple of days to help out to restore power on the east coast. >> and take a look at this picture. that is the boardwalk in atlantic city and it is nearly gone, folks. i believe 80 pieces of that boardwalk have been sent into the city of atlantic city or washed away in the atlantic. atlantic city is hurting in a big way. it's going to take months if not a good year in get that back and up. >> president barack obama declared a major disaster for new york city and long island. super storm sandy is marching slowly inland after leaving at least 17 people dead in its march up the east coast. an estimated 7.4 million homes and businesses are currently without power across 16 states and washington, d.c. and again, in the hard hit big apple the new york stock exchange nasdaq and broadway theaters will be closed for a second straight day and as we said, the president declared a major disaster. pg&e is sending some crewmembers from california, 150, to be exact, to help restore power
&e. the utility company says they are sending more than 150 employees from northern california to help restore power on the east coast. live in studio, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> thank you. >>> sandy has been downgraded from a category 1 hurricane to a tropical storm. but sandy isn't quite done yet. still massive and full of water. let's kick it over to lawrence and find out what's next today. >> even lost the tropical storm characteristics. but it's still a very dangerous storm system as it moves onshore. it was interesting watching the approach moving along the east coast and making that hard left turn coming in perpendicular to the coastline combined with the very low pressure that you normally find in category 2 or 3 storms helped to lift up the water and we had that record surge into new york at 13 feet. now it has moved onshore. so the core is starting to warm with the storm but you have a lot of rain and some places seeing over 11 inches of rain and you have snow which is very unusual for a tropical system. and it looks like heavy snow in the appalachian two to three feet and more to come
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